toilet facilities for the disabled

To meet the requirements of statutory laws concerning the availability of toilets for the disabled in public places, we have designed several prefabricated unit models for installation in a broad range of different contexts including bars, public venues, beaches, and all types of premises and areas open to the public.
The sanitary fittings are designed to allow either lateral or diagonal access by the disabled user and are suitably positioned to allow sufficient space for carers to assist the user if necessary.
In place of conventional vertical handrails, which tend to be cumbersome and restrictive, our disabled toilets are equipped with lift-up handrails pivoted on floor-mounted pedestals located alongside the toilet to allow the maximum freedom of movement. The handrails can also be equipped with an integral toilet-roll holder.
The top of the wash basin is located at a height of 80 cm with free clearance of 68 cm underneath to allow easy and close-up access by wheelchair users. For greater comfort and safety, the siphon beneath the wash basin is equipped with a curved protective guard. The inclined mirror is positioned to cover the area between 90 and 170 cm from the floor. The lever type low-friction taps feature a mixer system for high precision water temperature control. Touch-action controls can also be fitted on request to toilets, showers, etc.

To ensure an easy grip and a reliable support, all accessories are made of 30 mm diameter steel tubing subjected to an anticorrosion cycle and finished with an attractive paint coating that combines good looks with extreme ease of cleaning. Also the accessories meet the requirements of current legislation, like the entrance to the prefabricated unit: the door handles, located at a maximum height of 90 cm, are of the lever type, while the doors, made of special wear-resistant materials, open outwards to facilitate emergency rescue procedures if necessary.

The variety of different combinations assures the right solution for all requirements